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Buy 5 stickers for $4.90 only

Buy 10 stickers for $7.90 only

Buy a full theme pack of 15 stickers for $9.90 only


For payment by bank transfer, simply email us with your order & mailing address!

For customised stickers, email reference pictures & details for a quotation!

gift packaging (per pack)

1.50 SGD / In stock.

Gift packaging (per pack)
Selected stickers of your choice will be placed in a plastic sleeve sealed with our logo sticker, for just $0.50 per pack.

Each pack contains a message card on which we can:
  1. include a greeting on the front; e.g. Merry Christmas, etc.
  2. write a personalised message (do keep the message short as there's space constraint)
  3. do both 1 & 2 or,  
  4. leave it blank if you have nothing to say
  • adjust quantity of this item to the number of packs you want 
  • choose a colour for the logo sticker 
  • copy and paste the following in the notes* (during checkout, under shipping details), then fill in accordingly and duplicate if needed 
    Pack [count]/[total quantity], [logo sticker colour] 
    Stickers to pack: [sticker name (quantity), sticker name (quantity), ... sticker name (quantity)] 
    Greeting: [greeting]
    Message: [message] 
    Card: [choose 1 colour for the message card]
    * if the notes exceed the character limit, please email us at kumo.doodles@gmail.com with your name and mailing address (for identification), and the gift pack details in the format above
  • stickers that are not selected for gift packs will be placed directly into the mailing envelope

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