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frequently asked questions

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What are stickers?

What are your stickers made of?

Where can I paste my stickers?

Can the sticker be removed and re-pasted?

Will the stickers get cheaper?

If I buy in bulk, can you guys charge cheaper?

What is the size of the stickers?

Do you guys only have these?

What does KUMO mean?

Are there anymore Payment Methods?

Q What are stickers
Stickers are adhesive labels with a variety of uses. Ours are mainly for decoration, but no one’s stopping you from doing anything you want with them. Live your dreams. Soar high and touch the sky.

Q What are the stickers made of
Our stickers are made of vinyl, designed by us, printed locally.

Q Where can I paste my stickers
Just about anywhere you want! Laptops, mobile phones, notebooks, walls, floors, doors, your skin (at your own risk), the possibilities are endless! We also recommend you to buy a large quanity of stickers so you can paste them on all your own things and people won't steal your belongings. You're welcome!

Q Can the sticker be removed and re-pasted
This is dependent on the surface you are pasting our sticker on. Super smooth surfaces have been feedbacked to be very sticker friendly and our customer enjoyed repasting it everywhere very much. Of course the strength of the adhesive will drop with the amount of repasting.

Q Will the stickers get cheaper
Your best bet is to buy more, as the total price will go down the more you get. Occasionally we do give out promo codes so you can get our stickers at an even lower price. WE RECOMMEND FOLLOWING US ON INSTAGRAM, @kumo.doodles and LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOR PROMO CODES. Apart from that, we won't be able to lower any prices because while these stickers might look simple and easy to design, we planned, drew, coloured, printed, and cut them all by ourselves. Art comes in many different forms, and ours might not look super artsy, but we hope you respect our stickers. Thank you! And if you are wondering how we charge for our stickers...

Kumo Doodles Sticker Pricing

(one piece or a la carte)


5-pack set
(choose any 5 stickers from any theme)


10-pack set
(choose any 10 stickers from any theme)


full theme pack
(15 stickers all from the same theme)


gift packaging
(comes in a transparent sleeve, includes a customisable greeting card, and sealed with a logo sticker)

+ $1.50

Q If I buy in bulk, can you guys charge cheaper
Yes! We LOVE bulk orders. Email us and we will reply you with a quote immediately! (p.s. we even do event bulk orders - e.g. with christmas packaging, customised birthday stickers, etc.)

Q What is the size of the stickers
All the stickers are uniquely different just like you and me, so do check out their description for their individual measurement (p.s. no weight is provided though, they are quite sensitive about that!)

Q Do you guys only have these
So far, for now, i mean... yes... BUT OF COURSE, we'll launch a new theme pack every month, so do follow us on Instagram, @kumo.doodles for updates!

Q What does KUMO mean
Kumo means cloud or spider in Japanese. You know why cloud? Because live your dreams. Soar high and touch the sky.

Q But why spider
Because we kancheong.

Q Are there anymore Payment Methods
Our site currently only supports PayPal, but if you would like to make payment by BANK TRANSFER or CASH, simply email your order to us and we'll liaise with you from there.

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