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Buy 5 stickers for $4.90 only

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Buy a full theme pack of 15 stickers for $9.90 only


For payment by bank transfer, simply email us with your order & mailing address!

For customised stickers, email reference pictures & details for a quotation!



Original Stickers
Locally designed and printed, our stickers are uniquely Singaporean and up for sale at an affordable price. We absorb our shipping price (YAY! free shipping for all!) Check out our pricing below:

Kumo Doodles Sticker Pricing

(one piece or a la carte)


5-pack set
(choose any 5 stickers from any theme)


10-pack set
(choose any 10 stickers from any theme)


full theme pack
(15 stickers all from the same theme)


gift packaging
(comes in a transparent sleeve, includes a customisable greeting card, and sealed with a logo sticker)


Gift Packaging
At 50 cents a packet, your stickers will be packaged in a transparent sleeve along with a coloured card of choice. You can also write a message at the back, or get us to write a message for you. Simply let us know during your check out.

We do take in requests for our illustrations. Requests such as, "Can I have this design in another colour?" or "Can I add on name on this design" and even "Can you please draw my dog?". We are open to hearing your ideas so let us know either during check out, or email us at kumo.doodles@gmail.com

Bulk or Corporate Orders
We also accept bulk orders with special prices depending on quantity. Corporate orders can even be customised with company's logo! Simply drop us an email at kumo.doodles@gmail.com


Kumo Doodles aims to be your one stop location for ridiculously random shit that you really don't need. Though it might not seem like it, we are quite a serious brand. In time to come, we hope to not just print stickers but also start our own line of toliet paper, bed sheets, lamp posts, and monopolise the world. So far, we have launched our stickers (only), but not to worry, we are working on it.


We, Kumo Doodles, are heading towards creating world peace through our quirky personas in our stickers and we hope to be able to reach the point where people recycle 100% of their waste (why waste our waste?) without any problems and the 3 Rs to not only be on posters and talked about but a way of life. Of course, to stop war or unnecessary violence as well so we won't need to study that shit in school.


Live your dreams. Soar high and touch the sky.

the team


From L to R: Chara Low, Casia Chew

Two like-minded individuals agreed that the world would be a much better place if everyone took themselves less seriously; Casia Chew and Charmaine Low decided to unite and defeat the forces of maturity and conformity by giving a child-like perspective to objects that might be considered mundane! Join us by supporting us in this adventure.


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